Design services

Our speciality is the switch mode power supply designing. Our designing experience covers the isolated and the nonisolated AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies from the small point of load power supplies to the large units in the power range of kilowatts. The power supply can be integrated part of the distributed power architecture or a stand alone power supply unit. Also we offer system level designing to the distributed power architecture solutions. We can offer traditional or planar transformer designing if power supply designing is not needed. We have a wide experience in various power electronics applications. Analog electronics-, microprosessor hardware- and pwb designing are natural parts of our services. Software designing is done when applicable to f.ex. power supply products. Mechanics are designed using Solid Works 3D software. When needed, we can design the production testing and nessessary equipment. Our deep understanding on the electronics mass production connives achieving cost targets set for the final product. Design For Production is especially important if the production is in the low-cost country. We have also invested in the design of DSPs for fully digitally controlled power supplies.